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Anniversary  1月30日
From 2010 begin…
"I am so bored, Sherlock."

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Sherlock texted me, he said you forgot this.

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Don’t miss Benedict Cumberbatch & John Malkovich in our new interview series “Breaking The Ice.” And check back every Wednesday for new videos!

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"Last night’s capturing #BrightYoungThings at the National Theatre #NTYoungPatrons gala. Great event in support of emerging artists. © Victoria Erdelevskaya. #BenedictCumberbatch" [x] 



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I am in love with this. 

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"Oh, Sherlock."

Watercolour for September’s “Let’s Draw Sherlock" Challenge: Characters when they think no one’s looking! The lineart for the piece can be found here.

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Last night the Young Patrons of the National Theatre and their guests were joined by a whole host of actors, writers, directors and designers for the inaugural Bright Young Things Gala!

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This lie is a kindness.

John already lost Sherlock, buried him, and never managed to stop mourning him. There was no getting over Sherlock’s death for John, even after two years, and I expect he never really would have got over it if it had been true. When he talks about Sherlock two years on, he looks just as broken as he did immediately after it happened. Sherlock’s death always stays fresh for him, even after he decides to move on. That’s a wound that wouldn’t ever entirely heal, unless Sherlock could do the impossible thing and do what John asked of him: don’t be dead.

The first time, he could.

So this time around, Sherlock knows he’s going to die for real, but keeps that fact from John. He lets John think that after his six months undercover, he’ll have some unknown, new adventure somewhere. And then another, and another. Swashbuckling his way across the planet, getting into scrapes and getting out of them again. Instead of John mourning Sherlock’s death forever, he could imagine him out there somewhere solving crimes, being brilliant, making the world a less dark place. He’d read about mysterious, amazing things in the papers and wonder if it’s Sherlock’s work. For the rest of his life he could image him like that, Sherlock the lone crusader, changing the world, unable to come home, unable to take John with him, but not for lack of wanting to, and not for lack of love. It’s just circumstances beyond their control. He’d be gone, but for John he’d still out there. Missing Sherlock is hard, but mourning him is harder.

Mary can tell when Sherlock is lying, but John can’t, and Sherlock knows it.

Sherlock now understands what his death would do to John. So he very kindly gives him something better.

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Goodbye so soon
And isn't this a crime?
We know by now that time knows how to fly
So here's goodbye so soon
You'll find your separate way
With time so short I'll say so long
And go
So soon

You followed me, I followed you
We were like each other's shadows for a while
Now as you see, this game is through
So although it hurts, I'll try to smile
As I say.. [x]

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Sherlock Holmes had often found that he required his mind to be engaged, lest the boredom finally catch up to him.

He’d worried a bit that taking on a wife would do nothing but accelerate the speed of that boredom, his hypothesis tested as tried and true as he observed the majority of the married couples of the ton.

Of course, Molly Holmes (nee Hooper) had never really crossed his mind. In all the ways that mattered, she was an anomaly in his data: she was clever and patient, sweet but morbid, curious and bold, kind but strong. Most extraordinary of all: she loved him.

Holding her close at the end of a long case, fire warming them from the chill outside of the walls of 221B, holding his wife close him, Sherlock Holmes was never happier to discover boredom was nowhere on the horizon. He was never happier to be the anomaly.

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*expressing my love for the haircut* #napelover :D

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